Hey, why are you here? Really, I’m interested!

Hopefully, you are curious about losing weight, living a healthy lifestyle and don’t mind an ironic sense of humor.jan

I’m here to share my experience as our company takes on the Walk the Walk Challenge. What is Walk the Walk? Most diet food companies wouldn’t eat their own dog foodContinue reading


Popcorn Farts & Potty Talk

Day 7 on REV

So today I have a case of the popcorn farts. In my opinion, they don’t smell– and I’m not about to take a poll to see who agrees with me. Pretty much everything about my digestion has changed, and I’m noticing it.

Around the office, I’m the one who others transfer calls about digestion, diarrhea and constipation to. I dunno why, and it’s not like I loooove talking about sh… Continue reading